British Literature Project

Jeremy Simpson

ENG 112.872 AC

Dr. Lucas

30 October 2020

The Adventure of the Speckled Band

As one of the darker Sherlock Holmes stories, written by Arthur Conan Doyle, The “Adventure of the Speckled Band” published in 1876, is a story about Sherlock Holmes investigating the case where a young bride-to-be whose sister was murdered. One of the quotes from the story relates to one of our pictures that Peyton and I took for our project “The family was at one time among the richest in England, and the estates extended over the borders into Berkshire in the north, and Hampshire in the west.” (page 2). This relates to one of the pictures representing the rich family in the story being paid. 

For our first picture we decided to get a background setting outside in some trees and represent one of the characters holding a snake and a stack of cash. The snake represents the actual snake in the story that ends up getting sent to kill Helen in the story. This snake is also stated to be extremely poisonous and will kill soon after the bite. The money represents the part in the story where Holmes reveals to Watson that Roylott actually plotted to take out both daughters before they got married because he knew he would’ve lost a lot of money. Since a lot of money was left by their money, they would’ve gotten a big portion of that cash if they had gotten married.

The second picture is representing Holmes listening to Helen tell her story and he eventually agrees to take the case. In the story, Helen confronts Holmes and Dr. Watson unexpectedly tells them the whole story about her sister being killed almost two years earlier shortly before she was married. Before Helen’s sister’s death, she had been able to hear her sister’s dying words, “The speckled band!” When this occurred, Helen had been unable to understand the meaning of this phrase. However, now since Helen is engaged and since then started to experience strange noises and activities around the estate where her and her stepfather live. Some of the repairs and modifications being made on the house initiated by her stepfather, forced her to move into the specific room where her sister died. Although Holmes listens to her story and agrees to take the case, he is greeted by Roylott, threatening him if he were to interfere with this case. However, Holmes proceeds unphased. Holmes later reveals to Watson about Roylott’s entire plan to remove both of his stepdaughters to basically save money after reading Helen’s mother’s will.

Our third picture is a picture representing Helen’s sister with a snake on top of her. Holmes later reveals after spending a night in Helen’s room, on the bell cord “speckled band” which is the poisonous snake. Roylott strikes the snake and the snake strikes back at Roylott which is karma because he was just waiting for it to come back after killing his stepdaughter Helen.

In conclusion this story was quite a dark story and taking the pictures for it while trying to connect it the best way possible was a journey. It is a very interesting story with some karma and some retaliation.

Works Cited

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. “The Adventure of the Speckled Band.” 1892. Project

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Midterm Draft

Jeremy Simpson

Dr. Lucas

873 AC

March 10, 2020

Victor Frankenstein and the Ancient Mariner have quite a bit in common, but they also have their differences. Victor Frankenstein created a monster after he had nobody else to go to and was in a bad state of mind, soon realizing after he created the monster that it was a horrendous idea. The Ancient Mariner was on a voyage with his crew when an Albatross showed up which was known to bring good fortune and good omen to the ship. The Ancient Mariner decided to shoot the Albatross dead with his crossbow. This is just one instance of how these two are similar in their own ways.

The events leading up to making the monster were very thought out and there were many preparations made even though he thought this out in a very bad state of well being. There were not many events that led up to the killing of the Albatross, “From the fiends, that plague thee thus!– Why look’st thou so? — With my cross-bow I shot the albatross.” (450)  It seemed rather sporadic and not very methodical, indicating that the Mariner immediately realized it was a mistake. Another significant difference between the two is that Victor Frankenstein created a monster, basically creating life in the process. The Ancient Mariner took life in the act of killing the Albatross.

They both made huge mistakes but didn’t realize until after it happened. Victor Frankenstein didn’t realize he made a mistake until after he realized the monster was a terrible thing. The Ancient Mariner didn’t realize him shooting the Albatross was a mistake until the whole crew ended up dying and the rest of the voyage was horrible. However there are differing repercussions of their actions. While there are many differences and similarities between these two, they look very different from an outside perspective until you actually look at it and dissect the information between both of these.

Inner Mad

The Nightmare, Henry Fuseli, ca. 1783-91 / W.W. Norton

The art I chose is called The Nightmare, Henry Fuseli, ca. 1783-91. This artwork is actually a piece that the artist liked when he saw it at London’s Royal Academy. The center of the artwork revolved around a nightmare involving a blend of “violence, eroticism, and the irrational excessively disturbing.” In the painting a girl lays on a bed seemingly to be having the nightmare, a horse is poking it’s head through a curtain seemingly surprised as to what is going on. A demon in sitting on the bed next to her looking down at her looking mischievous with the grin on its face.

This relates to Frankenstein in an interesting way. In the book Frankenstein, he basically created a monster that he later realized what he has done and what a huge mistake it was. Relating to the painting, the monster resembles the nightmare and the doctor is the victim to it. Nightmares happen when you are incredibly vulnerable, being while you are sleeping. The monster attacks the doctor while he is most vulnerable with his family, he isolates himself and is clearly not in a state of well-being. The art talks about how the painting is clearly “mad.” This relates to the doctor going mad enough to isolate himself completely and create the monster that he created.


Fuseli, Henry. The NightmareThe Norton Anthology of British Literature: The Romantic Period. 10th ed. Stephen Greenblatt, General Editor. W. W. Norton, 2017. p. C5.

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Mental Effects of Domestic Abuse

Jeremy Simpson

ENG 112 872 AC

Dr. Lucas

December 4, 2019

In Tara Westover’s Educated, her brother Shawn becomes somewhat abusive in a multitude of different ways throughout the book. Some parts of the book he is being mentally abusive while others he is being physically abusive towards Tara. Going through all of this, especially as a young girl has to be somewhat detrimental in some way. There are many long term effects of going through this kind of domestic abuse as a young girl. On top of her going through this type of abuse, she lived an “off the grid” lifestyle as a child. Her family were basically preppers and had a strong belief to do things like not going to doctors, they were very against public education or any type of education for that matter. Going through all of this would have some detrimental effects, especially long term, at least that’s what one would think. She heavily combats the lingering effects of childhood abuse.

These articles show research of how prevalent these effects are on victims of childhood abuse. Tara Westover describes the abuse she went through throughout the book and how her brother physically and mentally abused her. Her parents didn’t help the situation so that only made it worse. Some of the articles focus on how the effects of abuse change if a child or family is in a different circumstance. Such as if someone is older, in a better financial state, etc. the effects can differ. 

These articles relate to Educated because the victims of childhood abuse for the most part have to go through the rest of their lives with the lingering effects such as depression, anxiety, aggressiveness, oppositional behavior, and a multitude of social issues. While Tara doesn’t seem to have extreme issues carrying herself everyday, she still heavily combats the effects of mental and physical abuse that her brother put her through. It is very interesting that many victims of abuse as intense as Tara’s have very noticeable detrimental effects for a large part of their lifetime while she has done well combating the effects of the lifestyle she lived as a child and the abuse she went through as a child.

Annotated Bibliography

Crawford, E., Liebling-Kalifani, H., & Hill, V. (2009). Women’s understanding of the effects of domestic abuse: The impact on their identity, sense of self and resilience. A grounded theory approach. Journal of International Women’s Studies, 11(2), 63-82. Retrieved from

Emma Crawfords article about women’s understanding of the effects of domestic abuse goes in depth about the long term effects on women, domestic abuse has. This article focuses on the unique perspectives of women that have been domestically abused in their lives. 

Eight women were interviewed during this study and it showed that the domestic abuse these eight women went through drastically changed their lives forever. No matter who it is in the family it almost always comes out to be the same detrimental long term effects on the victim. This can relate to Educated and how Tara has had some effects of abuse in the past.

Fantuzzo, J. W., & Mohr, W. K. (1999). Prevalence and effects of child exposure to domestic violence. The Future of Children, 9(3), 21. doi: 

John W. Fanuzzo’s article on the prevalence and effects of child exposure to domestic violence focuses on long term effects of children that go through domestic violence. The research done in this article shows that a large number of American children are affected by domestic violence in their lifetime. This article was written in 1999 and states that at this time there weren’t many studies being done on the effects of domestic violence on children. Actually there were many studies being made on the effects of domestic violence on women. This article focuses solely on mental effects on children from domestic abuse.

A large number of American children are affected mentally and physically by domestic abuse. Many factors depending on the child may have adverse effects. Such as a kid that is older, has a better financial situation, their parents abuse substances, etc. can all change the outcome of domestic abuse. It all basically depends on the child and their family situation. Another factor that comes into play is if the child is being directly physically abused or not. This plays into Tara’s life because she was being directly abused by her brother.

Jouriles, E. N., PhD., McDonald, R., PhD., Slep, A. M. S., PhD., Heyman, R. E., PhD., & Garrido, E., PhD. (2008). Child abuse in the context of domestic violence: Prevalence, explanations, and practice implications. Violence and Victims, 23(2), 221-35. doi:

 This article addresses how prevalent child abuse is in domestically violent families and if there are some patters of child abuse among these domestically violent families. It also focuses on how some children have trouble adjusting since they are at risk for symptoms like oppositional behavior, depression, anxiety, a multitude of social issues, and aggressive behavior.

This relates to Educates in a different way because she doesn’t seem to have the worse side of the effects although she went through a lot of this abuse with her brother. The fact that she doesn’t have extreme lingering effects is quite interesting. It seems as if she was a special case and didn’t suffer the many effects that most children would have, at least long term effects.

Quinn, D. M., Williams, M. K., Quintana, F., Gaskins, J. L., Overstreet, N. M., Pishori, A., . . . Chaudoir, S. R. (2014). Examining effects of anticipated stigma, centrality, salience, internalization, and outness on psychological distress for people with concealable stigmatized identities. PLoS One, 9(5) doi: 

This article discusses how stigmatized identities cause rates of anxiety and depression and it’s critical role in mental health treatment. Experiences of childhood abuse has been shown to put individuals at a larger risk for psychological distress than others. The levels of psychological stress such as depression an anxiety were similar across domestic violence and childhood abuse.

This relates to Educated because there are plenty of examples from other victims of childhood abuse that suffer from these long term lingering effects in their lifetime. They have to deal with depression and anxiety lingering for their entire life while Tara went through something much worse in my opinion but still is able to carry herself and have a normal social life. Living off the grid and being abused by your brother heavily is a whole separate thing to be able to deal with.


Jeremy Simpson

ENG 112

Dr. Lucas

30 October 2019

In chapter 12 of “Educated” by Tara Westover, the author talks about her experience with her brother Shawn and a girl he liked. Basically towards the beginning of the chapter, Shawn starts calling her, “sittle lister.” This is obviously just another incident of Shawns personality changes and him being very violent and just strange in general. Sadie sat next to Shawn at a rehearsal and later on, she asked him if he liked her which he responded with no, describing her as having “fish eyes.” “Yup, fish eyes. They’re dead stupid, fish. They’re beautiful, but their heads’re as empty as a tire.” (Westover 107.) After he says this, when she comes over to his house after school, he is incredibly rude to her. This portion of the text shows that Shawn isn’t only mean to his family but is also mean and violent to the people around him.

For this analysis, I am focusing on the character Shawn throughout the entirety of chapter 12. Throughout this portion of the text, Shawn becomes rather rude and less violent than other portions of the book. Sadie is a girl that Shawn would look for during her moving between different buildings during school. However, he stopped on the side of the highway to look for Sadie moving between buildings, he saw her, although it was her she was walking down the steps with Charles. She didn’t even notice Shawns truck. He visually was upset by seeing this but he proposed that if he just completely stopped acknowledging her, that she would eventually get desperate and she would suffer. This part of Shawn, isn’t so much of being rude or violent but just being jealous and overprotective. After Sadie sits next to him at a rehearsal, she comes to his house after school. Shawn proceeds to ask her for water. Only when she brings it back he would just ask for something else for no apparent reason. “When she brought that he’d ask for milk, then water again, ice, no ice, then juice. This could go on for thirty minutes before…” (Westover 109.) Every moment she got back, he was just demanding for something else. The author states that she was grateful every night they went out.

Towards the end of the chapter is whenever Shawn demonstrates his violent tendencies once again towards Tara. One night when Shawn arrived at home, everyone in the house was long asleep except for Tara. Shawn proceeds to ask her for a glass of water, they exchange some words but she ends up getting him a glass of water. Except she didn’t hand it to him, instead she dumped it all over his head. This is whenever Shawn gets instantly aggressive. He tries to force her to apologise but she refuses. He then gets violent and grabs her hair and literally drags her into the bathroom and puts her head down into the toilet and tries to force her to apologise. This is a very good example of Shawn demonstrating his aggressiveness and violent tendencies.

To conclude, this portion of the text was very short but eventful. However it wasn’t like it was out of the ordinary for her. In other portions of the text, she recounts moments of him getting aggressive, being extremely rude, and being violent caused by brain trauma. This is a horrific thing to go through. However, during this event she genuinely tries to “rebel” against his will rightfully so but doesn’t succeed.

Works Cited

Westover, Tara. Educated, (pg 104-111), 2018


Jeremy Simpson


Dr. Lucas

ENG 112 872 AC


Some research that I have conducted in the past would include many things from different courses, even directly from English III last spring. Conducting research as well as organizing it and presenting it is something that I have always enjoyed, especially if the subject is about one of my interests. Research assignments are something that I have always excelled at academically.

I have always enjoyed doing research on controversial topics, such as politics and government. In my English II high school class that I took last spring, we were assigned a speech on any topic we felt inclined to choose and we had to present the speech to the class. Afterward, we voted on each other’s speeches based on how we as speakers presented ourselves, our collected evidence, and how we presented our message to the class. The topic I chose was government and politics. I decided to name my speech “America Is Superior.” Of course, this was opinion based and most of the audience disagreed with my perspective. However,  I thought if I could gather pertinent evidence and present my theories effectively during my speech the audience might take my opinions into consideration. For this topic specifically, I was tasked with gathering a decent amount of evidence and being able to persuade an audience. Writing all of this information really enlightened me a great deal. The assignment taught me how to organize material and be a persuasive force to an audience. It also taught me a lot about politics. On page 281 of the Norton Field Guide, it states, “we write in order to figure out what we think.” This resonated with me in the fact that gathering evidence and writing relevant information in a clear and organized manner does lead to being able to persuade an audience.

To conclude, I have conducted multiple kinds of research and it is very important how you organize as well as present your research. I also learned some things while reading the Norton Field Guide such as the quote I used earlier about learning while you write which is what happened to me while writing my speech. I learned more than I bargained for about my argument as well as the other side of the topic. The knowledge I gained enabled me to view both sides and strengthen my argument to the point that I actually persuaded others to my side.


Bullock, Richard, et al. Chapter 25: “Writing as Inquiry.” The Norton Field Guide to Writing with Readings and Handbook. 5th ed. Norton, 2019. pp. 281-284. PDF.

Too Many Films

Jeremy Simpson


Dr. Lucas

Eng 112. 871 AC

Too Many Films

Ever since I was a young kid, I have been interested in movies. I have always watched a few select movies over and over again because I never get tired of a movie that I am interested in. Some, I have even watched so much that I have memorized the entire dialogue of the entire film. Every time you watch a film again, you learn something different or pick up on something different that you did not catch the first time you watched it. I have probably watched some movies upwards to hundreds of times over the past couple years. The thing that makes films so appealing to me, is the true story behind the film and the action. It was extremely difficult to narrow my list down to my five favorite films as I have many more.

My top movie for my list of favorite films would have to be Mine (2016). This is an action movie that I have known ever since it was released and have given it more than enough views. The second film in the list is 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016). This one has been a movie that I have watched the most and the reason it is so appealing to me is the backstory and the real history behind the movie. The next film in my list is Gran Torino (2008). Being a sad movie, it is still a good old style movie that deserves many views. The fourth movie in the list is Interstellar (2014). This sci-fi film is a very confusing three hours to watch and a lot to take in. The last movie in my list of favorite films is The Martian (2015). Being the only movie that I have actually read the book about, it is a really good and humorous film.


13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Directed by Michael Bay, performances by John Krasinski, James Dale, Pablo Schreiber, Max Martini, David Denman, and Dominic Fumusa, Paramount Pictures, 2016.

Gran Torino. Directed by Clint Eastwood, performances by Clint Eastwood, Bee Vang, Ahney Her, Christopher Carley, Brian Haley, and Scott Eastwood, Warner Bros, 2008.

Interstellar. Directed by Christopher Nolan, performances by Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Shastain, Michael Caine, Mackenzie Foy, Casey Affleck, and Matt Damon, Paramount Pictures, 2014.

Mine. Directed by Fabio Guagoline and Fabio Resinaro, performances by Tom Cullen, Annabelle Wallis, Armie Hammer, and Clint Dyer, Universal Pictures, 2016.

The Martian. Directed by Ridley Scott, performances by Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jeff Daniels, Michael Pena, and Donald Glover, 20th Century Fox, 2015.


Jeremy Simpson


Eng 111 Sec 871AC

Dr. Lucas

Reflective Essay

Through the process of reading and writing textual analysis, and literacy narratives, I have discovered that it is now much easier to create and draft a piece of writing. This results in construction papers easily, better word choice, and better structure.

Doing extensive reading and writing in this classroom has been very beneficial. I have experienced the advancements that I have made through the process of reading many different passages and writing different types of papers. One of the biggest things that helped me from reading these passages was learning how to write more effective transitions, better word choice, and writing style. Writing summaries on reading beings on the realization that a passage needs to be read multiple times to be fully understood.

Even though playing scrabble seems like a simple thing but it actually helps out a lot. Word choice has been much easier when composing a paper. Playing this game also helps for turning away from screens and being able to be alone with your thoughts. This is definitely needed in many other classrooms and is a beneficial and calming experience.

These things were all very significant experiences over the course and were very beneficial. These have all aided my writing in very specific ways such as things like word choice, text structure, and transitions. Doing all of these things consistently has bettered my writing which has resulted in better grades in writing classes. Being able to visuallly see by improvements in this course is most definitely satisfying. It is very reassuring to see improving grades, having peers read some of my work, and self-revise my own work. Some other things that I have experienced in this course is being able to provide clear closure and clear transitions. All of these things are the result of doing these simple practices in this course.

Textual Analysis

Jeremy Simpson


Dr. Lucas

Eng 111.871 AC

Textual Analysis

Colleges have made many advertisements over the course of the past few decades. These ads usually are specifically targeted towards a certain audience. Lenoir-Rhyne specifically advertised towards students who bring a sense of style on campus. The ad seems to be a couple of students socializing on the campus, most of them looking well-dressed in bow ties, dresses, ties, etc. They also seem very happy to be on campus. The base message Lenoir-Rhyne University is trying to convey through this advertisement is that you can socialize on campus and be happy to be here.

The text in the ad shows many things Lenoir-Rhyne is specifically targeting, such as style, polished programs of study, and leaders are only a few key phrases in the text. Style is very emphasized towards the beginning of the text when style is compared to the Universities programs of study, “Students at Lenoir-Rhyne University bring a sense of style as polished as our programs of study” (1). Along with this statement, the image of the students reflects this as all of them in the ad seem affluent. This implies that you need to be of an upper middle class to be able to attend the University because they want to bring a polished sense of style and it is expensive to attend the college. This statement also tells the audience that the programs of study must be very well because it states that students “bring a sense of style as polished as our programs of study” (1), and the students in the image are all dressed very spruce.

Another thing that the advertisement focuses on is that many students that attend the University are the “leaders of tomorrow.” This implies that all the students that attend Lenoir-Rhyne, become leaders because of their programs and how their university is structured. Knowing that most students that attend the university become leaders, this would obviously appeal to students that want to become leaders.

This Lenoir-Rhyne University advertisement appeals heavily to an audience that wants to be leaders, and are wealthy considering the style being as polished as their programs of study. Students also want to go here to get good programs of study that are just as polished as the style that is present on the campus. The choice of words that Lenoir-Rhyne chooses appeals to many audiences and is very diverse.

Literacy Narrative

Jeremy Simpson

Writing and Inquiry


I have never really liked writing just about up until freshman year in high school. My English classes in middle school weren’t very serious at all and I felt like they were just teaching us a bunch of things that were on the final exam without letting us write or do anything related to writing. Although, I don’t really blame them because trying to get a bunch of eighth graders to write without complaining the entire time is pretty tough. It wasn’t until freshman year in high school, I started to write papers and do things like research papers and use different formats and outlines. Doing this and revising them made me realize that writing effectively was really important. It also made me realize that if you write about something that somewhat interests you, writing can become something that you thoroughly enjoy.

I attended the Alexander Early College and the English teachers here are really good at sparking discussion with writing and really taught me how to write effectively and use outlines. I wrote a few papers in there that wasn’t really the most interesting thing and I didn’t really enjoy writing at that point. However, towards the end of the school year, we wrote a paper about Nike sweatshops. This was a research paper and we had to make source cards, note cards, and a bunch of in-text references to complete this paper. The amount of effort I put into this assignment along with how time-consuming it was to find sources and complete references made me enjoy it. The topic really interested me as well and searching for these sources made me realize a few more things about sweatshops. It was an enjoyable piece of writing while I was learning about something that I became interested in.

Looking forward to any type of writing is something that I find myself doing very often given the fact that I’m very interested in it now and enjoy the learning experience that comes along with a lot of writing. Doing a research paper of sweatshops really changed my perspective on how I perceive writing because having an enjoyable experience doing something and learning a lot from it, changes your perspective on it most of the time. As well as vice versa when if you have a bad experience in something, you probably won’t enjoy it as much the next time. This has also really changed my attitude towards writing. I used to hate it and as weird as it may sound, I thought only people that loved to read and that were really smart wrote. But now as I write, I realize that writing can be very enjoyable.